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Our Services

Remodel your bathroom... without all the fuss, mess and expense usually associated with the job. Your tub is not removed… saving you thousands of dollars in plumbing, carpentry, flooring and other miscellaneous costs!

No mess, no fuss… as our skilled technician completely seals off the bath from the rest of the house and proceeds to prepare the tub for resurfacing.

In less than 4 hours… your tub has been completely resurfaced in place in the color of your choice!

A 5 Year Finish Guarantee... comes with every Bath Genie resurfacing job!

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30+ years of tub resurfacing experience!

Here are some answers to frequent questions:

How Long Does It Take?
Normally, it takes one to three hours.

How Should I Prepare for Bath Genie?
Do all your other carpentry and plumbing work first, and then schedule Bath Genie.

Does Bath Genie Do Plumbing?
No. We are not plumbers. Have everything functional before scheduling Bath Genie

When Can I Again Use My Refinished Tub?
48 hours.

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